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So let us begin. Help me understand why Freemasonry is not a religion? It offers no sacraments. Freemasons do not worship Satan. This is simply not true. Yes, we do use symbols to teach moral principles.

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Freemasonry, known popularly for its white aprons and arcane symbols, is the world’s oldest fraternal organization. Despite its longevity, Freemasons have long been shrouded in mystery. To outside observers, the organization’s rites and practices may seem cult-like, clannish and secretive — even sinister. Some of this stems from Freemasons’ often deliberate reluctance to speak about the organization’s rituals to outsiders.

But it is also partly the result of many popular movies and books, such as Dan Brown’s ” The Da Vinci Code ” Doubleday, , that have fostered misconceptions or depicted the order in an unflattering light.

In the past, a person had to search hard to find one of these anti-Masonic tracts I read where you use A.L. along with A.D. in your dating of events — is that true.

A few months ago, my father joined the Freemasons. As a kid, I had read everything I could about the organization, after a girlfriend told me in secret that her father was a Freemason. She made me swear not to tell anyone, and gave me the feeling that I would die if anyone found out that I knew. If in the past, Freemasonry conjured up notions of a mysterious organization, and was spoken of in cautious whispers with furtive sideways glances, its members appear to be undergoing a genuine revolution.

Last month, representatives of the Freemasons held an open meeting in Jerusalem. The trend, then, seems to be that the organization, which always maintained discretion of a type usually reserved for an espionage organization, is loosening up. I visited the Grand Lodge of the Freemasons in Israel, in Tel Aviv, in pursuit of my work as a Holocaust researcher, seeking to better understand this centuries-old, apolitical brotherhood of men from different walks of life who are, in essence, trying to make the world a better place.

The Mason’s Lady: A Women’s Journey to Freemasonry

Hi, I’m the girlfriend of a Freemason. I’ve done a lot of research on the topic and have been having a lot of trouble. Most of the things I find on the Internet seem fairly ridiculous and change with every website. I want to understand something that is so important to my boyfriend. He is now an officer and is getting increasingly involved. I feel bad questioning him repeatedly on this topic.

The Masonic Wife E-Book answers your questions about Freemasonry. Men – A Freemason who has a wife, girlfriend, significant other or partner who to you, simply contact me within 30 days from the purchase date to request a refund.

Login to contact freemason. Freemason : ” Looking for a Woman between 18 and 80 years He Hasn’t Made Any Friends. How old are you? What do you do for a living? How many time have you ever tried to join Freemason? Why do you really want to Join us? Then What Happens? You will be directed on how to pay your Freemasonry Membership Registration Fee.

You will download the form,fill it and then submit it back to us on Email. NB:The Registration form contains some questions that we need you to answer with honesty.

10 Questions You Always Wanted To Ask… A Freemason

In our fast-paced world, where pressures on time become greater and greater, there are all too-few times when fathers can share quality time with their sons. You probably have memories of those moments of sharing when the pace of living was a bit slower. Perhaps your father taught you to drive, or hunt, or fish. Maybe you have a memory of a spring afternoon when the two of you went out into the yard and threw a baseball back and forth or a little league game where you were on a team he helped to coach.

As boys grow into men, unfortunately the sharing opportunities grow even more rare. As a young adult, you move out of the family home, establish a life and family of your own.

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By Neil Tweedie. Damn it! Was there a subtle application of pressure on the index knuckle? Or something in the grip, perhaps? Sorry to disappoint you. It is one of the great myths. Why big is no longer beautiful for celebrities. Did Fiona Bruce find cash in my attic? Am I ill? Mr Brown has taken an oath not to disclose the signs used by Freemasons to recognise each other, so maybe he has to say this. But he sticks to his answer when pressed.

Prepared by a think-tank, the Social Issues Research Centre, it seeks to place the Craft in a modern context, shedding light on an organisation regarded by many as a secret society populated by the rich and powerful, and liable to you-scratch-my-back corruption.

Freemasons: Behind the veil of secrecy

There has been a lot in the news about Freemasonry of late. First there was the news about masons in Parliament and then there were the full page adverts in the newspapers inviting everyone to reconsider their views on what Freemasons were all about. But things are not all straightforward it seems. At the United Grand Lodge of England, we value honesty, integrity and service to the community above all else.

A man of great energy and poetic fire, he became one of the Patron Saints of Freemasonry, earning that distinction because of his constant.

By Christopher Rooney March, 10 A message from the Grand Master, M. Richard Maggio:. Earlier today, I issued a statement about our plans to continue forward with our March Quarterly Communication. Since that time, however, things have developed. In light of this declaration, out of concern for the health and welfare of our brethren, and the potential susceptibility they may have to contracting COVID, we have decided to suspend all Masonic activity in the jurisdiction of Massachusetts until further notice.

This declaration is effective immediately — the March Quarterly communication is canceled.

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This week, I wanted to discuss something that both comes up fairly often on this blog, and is relevant in my own life right now: Masonry, marriage, and divorce. Unfortunately, neither of these websites are affiliated with regular masculine Masonry, and so everything on them must be taken with a grain of salt.

Many of the questions couples have about the topic are scattered across the internet, I would like to bring them all together.

surviving fraternal organization in the world, the exact date of its founding is uncertain. A Grand Lodge is a Masonic body having jurisdiction over the lodges within a There is nothing in Freemasonry to interfere with a man’s religious life.

He must be of good moral character and demonstrate responsibility in his family and work. To join a Lodge, a man needs to be sponsored by two Masons who belong to that Lodge. Freemasonry strongly discourages any discussion of religious issues or politics while in Lodge. Solicitation of members is, in fact, strictly prohibited.

Which Lodge Should I Join? In addition to the criteria above, there are options with respect to which Lodge you join: Dominion Lodge meets on the second and fourth Wednesdays of each month, and does not meet at all in July and August. Financial Considerations. Fees can vary from Lodge to Lodge. The Petition. This is a one-time fee to cover the cost of Regalia if you are accepted and continue to become a Freemason and member of Dominion Lodge.

Your annual dues are required before your initiation and will be prorated depending upon when you join in the year. The Investigation.

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