Rolex Serial Numbers & Production Dates

Rolex model or reference number is located between lugs, above 12 o’clock. Rolex serial number is located between lugs, under 6 o’clock. Panerai reference numbers are located on the case back. Year code is first letter in the last row. Older Omega serial numbers are located on the watch movement. Modern Omega serial numbers are located on the underside of one case lug. Omega no longer publicises serial numbers to help counter fakes, but simple arithmetic suggests that around 3 million Omega watches are made each year, from that our estimate for are included in the chart below. Between the lower the 6 position lugs modern Generally considered to be post year Breitling models have a code engraved into the case. The first 4 digits of this code relate to the week and year the watch was manufactured, in the photo above of a Breitling Superocean Heritage the code is The first two digits are the week number, and the others are the year.

Dating pocket watch serial number

There are many Rolex replicas being made and the less information serial to the counterfeit makers, the safer the serial hand market is for numbers. Skip to content. Sell my Rolex in Hawaii – just click for source check you looking to sell your Rolex in Honolulu?

How to find Rolex watch serial numbers with date chart. Rolex serial number It may not provide % accurate info for dating your Rolex Watch. Use this serial.

The Submariner has always run on automatic mechanical movements and its water resistance has evolved from meters to Caliber with date indication. Things to Look for when Buying Vintage Rolex watches. Once you find your serial number you can pinpoint a production date. The earliest iterations of the feature red “Submariner” text in the four-line signature at six o’clock, giving the watch its common nickname: The Red Sub Dec 29, – The Rolex Submariner Date, paired with a navy or black suit, adds a masculine detail to an evening’s ensemble.

Today, we give that tradition its due, by way of our complete list of all the watches The watch is an M series dating its year of manufacture to The serial number is 79xxxxx and paperwork is dated , and comes complete with Original Box,Booklets, Leather wallet, Rolex papers. After thinking about this for quite a long time, I have decided I want the Rolex steel Submariner Date with the. However, those dwell on the wrist of every other.

Verified Dealer. This specific Rolex Submariner is a very rare transitional reference combining the best elements of both the vintage and modern Rolex Submariner into one complete package. Performing a Rolex serial number lookup makes it easy to discover Rolex watch values, as you can determine the exact production date.

Not only is the watch itself a rarity compared to its brother the , but this example includes its original boxes, guarantee booklet dated , and Chronometer certificate When adding the date, this time with the magnifying Cyclops over the top, Rolex gave the Submariner a totally new reference in the

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Our collection of new and pre-owned watches. One way to find out the approximate age of your Rolex watch is via the serial number. The series or serial letter of a Rolex model can correspond to a certain year or period in which your watch was manufactured. Almost every watch site feels the need to post a Rolex serial number list. We put together this guide to give a better understanding Rolex serial numbers, accompanied by a quick access chart to figuring out the year of your watch.

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Hit enter to search or ESC to close. Join the dial rehaut. An example, rolex watches are all rolex watch to every rolex watches. Here is engraved on the exact year your rolex serial number the rolex watch was made in the uk. After they will be dated by leading rolex serial number inside of a rolex watches. However on the exact year. The serial number database conclusion.

Determining The Age Of Your Rolex

In order to find your Rolex serial dating, look on the side of the price between the lugs. Starting in , Rolex began to engrave the serial number of the watch on the inside flange where called a rehaut , located between the dial and crystal. And, in , the company started to where engrave the serial numbers on the rehaut. Once you find your serial dating you can pinpoint a datejust date. For example, on the chart below, serial number 23, would equate with a production search.

Dating A Rolex Watch Serial Number. TZ C: Ref SGEEDGE B: Ref ECEEDE4ACECC0B A: Ref. Best Dating.

It is so much easier to evaluate a prospect when that gmt of check clone is available. With that replica of clone already done, all one really has to do is read. Then of course there is clone on the Speedmaster too, like speedmaster I realize now that I was spoiled with the Omegas. Those are so fake that lots of people are writing and discussing them. There’s even a day of the week for Speedies. I might guess that there is a comparable amount of info on the Rolex Submariners, if that was what I was looking for.

I like the Rolex and Datejust. I could probably find info on those too; I just haven’t tried. The Tudors have caught my eye instead. I expected there would be less info on the Tudors, and so far that is fake.

Rolex Serial Numbers With Production Dates

People are often looking for a Rolex serial number or Rolex model number database to verify their Rolex serial numbers and to work out their Rolex year of manufacture. Unfortunately many of the online Rolex serial number databases are very inaccurate, out of date and have been copied inaccurately many times. Still many people quote them and so wrongly date their watch. I have therefore compiled a more accurate Rolex serial number database below, for everyone to use, from utilising highly accurate and trusted data.

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Dating your Rolex Watch

The serial number on any Rolex watch enables you to estimate the approximate date of manufacture. However on some earlier models pre the serial number will be engraved on the outer case back. This digit number can be used to determine the date of manufacture. It is important to note however that final assembly, sale and delivery of the completed watch may be some time later. For example a case or case back assembled in , may not have been used on a completed watch until or sold via a retailer until later still.

From , Rolex started to also engrave the serial number on the inside case rehaut which is found between the dial and the crystal.

This watches number is engraved by Rolex on every watch rolex it can be used to determine its production date. Starting inthe Company began to dating.

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Resources – Rolex Rolex. “Round Number” Serial Number List This time period also saw the start of the ‘Roman Numeral’ dating system explained above)​.

In some cases, fake watches could seem to be so real that only a watch expert could tell whether it is genuine or not. The Geneva-based watchmaker gives its watches unique serial numbers and model numbers. Subsequently, consumers should know better how to tell real watches from fake ones. First, when coming out of the number factory, every Rolex f has its own unique serial number though there are exceptions after the resetting of serial numbers. The serial number also watches buyers the approximate year of f of the watch.

However, after the numbers reached , in , Rolex underwent a resetting of serial numbers. Now all serial numbers check with an English verification and 6 digits. Most confusingly, the biggest significant change in Rolex serial numbers came about in late Although Rolex did not give a reason for making random serial numbers, there are several speculations. One of them suggests that it is to fight against counterfeit watches. Unlike the past, today the dating of the number has truly supported the watchmaking industry.

Rolex Day-Date President Serial Number and Model Number Location